The shiva may be over,
but the worries have just begun.

The gaping hole left behind when a family loses a parent is quickly filled with worry, fear and even despair. DONATE SECURELY TODAY

”….והיתום והאלמנה אשר בשעריך ואכלו ושבעו למען יברכך ה’ אלקיך בכל מעשה ידך…“

“…and the orphan, and the widow, who are in your cities, will come and eat and be satisfied; so that the Lord, your God, will bless you in all the work of your hand…” (Devarim 14:29)

When my cousin Moshe’s* wife Sarah* was diagnosed with cancer, no one believed it would end in tragedy. She was a young mother of 9 children, aged 1-16. Sarah remained strong throughout her terrible illness, reminding us all that G-d had a plan.

Her levaya was heart-wrenching. Watching Moshe, surrounded by his 9 orphaned children, I wondered how he’d be able to move on without his soulmate—his source of strength.

Determined to do something for Moshe and his children, my family and I started seeking out organizations who could help them.

I came across an individual in New York who had a fund supplying free meat, chicken and fish to families who had lost a parent. I was awestruck.

I decided then to do something to help every family who has been dealt a tragic blow. We have an obligation to provide for them, not just in the initial grieving stages, but in the following years too.

This inspired me to set up—a smarter way to fund the many worthy organizations who support these families in their times of need.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy. Widow Orphan’s founder wishes to remain anonymous.

We have a communal responsibility to take care of widows and orphans among us.

There are many organizations around the world who do just this. But they are often not widely-known or struggling to keep up with demand. 

Widow Orphan was founded to ensure these organizations can provide for all the families who need their services. Through you can find and contribute to multiple worthy causes in one place.


A home for children who have been left alone in the world.

Food and clothing for families who have lost their bread-winner.

Emotional support and therapy for those deeply affected by their loss.

We’re here to make things better.

Better for donors

Families who have lost a parent have wide-ranging needs. Ensure they are taken care of, not only financially, but also on a practical and emotional level. Explore the options available and choose which ones you wish to fund.

Better for charities

Help thousands of families in a variety of ways with the click of a button. Widow Orphan is independently funded so 100% of your donation goes directly to the charities of your choice. Easily keep track of your donations and get your tax receipts in one place.

Better for recipients

Charities save valuable resources on marketing and bookkeeping when donations are processed through Widow Orphan. We do the hard work to obtain the funds, freeing them up to provide for the families who depend on them.

The choice is yours.
2 ways you can make a difference.

Fuel all Funds

Maximize your impact by donating an annual or monthly sum which we will distribute evenly between all registered charities. 


Choose your Charities

Leave the hard work to us. Select your preferred charities and the amount you wish to contribute to each. We’ll distribute your donation accordingly and send you one tax receipt.


What people say about us:

  • Wonderful concept – could make such a difference to those in need.

    Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits
    Rosh Yeshiva at Aish HaTorah, Jerusalem
  • One of the greatest good deeds one can participate in.

    Rabbi Eli J. Mansour
    Rabbi at The Edmond J. Safra Synagogue, Brooklyn
  • This could be the one that can really shake the heavens. This almanah is your ticket to all the yeshuot, to all the things you’ve been praying for.

    Rabbi Duvi Bensoussan
    Rabbi at Magen Abraham of Brooklyn

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