Just like that, her husband is gone and she is left all alone.  Pained over her beloved husband that is no longer in her life, pained over what her new life will be and pained for their precious children who will no longer have their loving father to raise them, teach them or be with them, even Shabbos and Yom Tov. Their father will no longer enjoy them or give them the fatherly love they all love and need!  How will she take care of them, being both their mother and ”father”?  How will she make enough money to raise them while being there for them at the same time?  There is just no way!  There’s no way she can do everything all alone especially when her kids need her now more than ever!

Yad Eliezer|B’ezri knows this and therefore does whatever they can to help her and in the most dignified way possible.  They give widows with kids at home monthly stipends straight into their bank account.  This way they won’t be embarrassed or inconvenienced.  They also help widows with very large one-time expenses that come up; like Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings, urgent medical care, etc.

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