Boys can’t wait to become big, they dream about becoming Bar Mitzvah!  Usually.  For a boy to become an orphan, especially at a young age, makes life very challenging.  Having one parent play the role of both a mommy and totty, having only one parent at the Shabbos table, only one parent at his Bar Mitzvah!  There’s no way he’ll be able to get a new Bar Mitzvah suit, or have any type of celebration; where will he get tefillin from?  With one parent being and doing everything, there’s no money for any extra expenses.

Please help him! Buy him a pair of tefiilin.  Give him some money to turn his sadness into some type of happiness on his Bar Mitzvah.  Help him!  Give him something to look forward to and enjoy!  Yad Eliezer|B’ezri pairs up Bar Mitzvah boys all over the world with poor orphans in Israel.  Sponsor a Bar Mitzvah for a poor orphan as a zechus for your special Bar Mitzvah boy!

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