Backpacks, uniform, school supplies, shoes; so many exciting things to shop for!   Going back to school becomes exciting when you have new clothing and school supplies you want to wear and use.  But what about the poor orphan?  The poor orphan who had no summer.  Whose parent was never home because they were working all day trying to bring in some money.  When basic expenses are a struggle, surely trips and new things for school don’t come into question.   

How embarrassing!  How depressing!  Everyone is coming excitedly to school with all their new things and all she has is her worn-out ripped backpack with used and damaged school supplies.   Every day is another day of pain; how she wishes she had both a mother and father!  Hasn’t she suffered enough?  Please help, give her some dignity and something exciting to look forward to.  She needs it!  Yad Eliezer|B’ezri has partnered with local stationery and office supply stores buying store credit at a 10% discount.  Widows and orphans that receive credit are able to shop easily and with dignity, just like everyone else.

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