Making a wedding is one of the most exciting times for a family. Gowns, hair, make-up, flowers, pictures, food, the list of excitement doesn’t end……for most people that is. Unfortunately, when it’s an orphan without any money, this most exciting time comes with lots of anxiety, stress, sadness and debt making things even more difficult. It’s hard enough not having two parents there with them to celebrate their big simcha.

Yad Eliezer|B’ezri makes the very special mitzvah of Hachnasat Kallah possible to everyone. If you are a Chasan and Kallah yourself, you probably want the huge zechus of sponsoring the wedding of a poor couple on the very same day that you are getting married. If someone you love needs a shidduch or you just want the incredible zechus for yourself, you can change the wedding day of a poor, sad orphan into a very happy day that they’ll want to remember.

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